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About Megan Hussey

About Megan Hussey
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Author of Ladies in Silver

Feminist author

Megan Hussey is a feminist journalist and romance writer who is also a self-described film fanatic. She has experience as a film reviewer, features reporter, book editor, poet, and humor author. A native of Indiana, she is a onetime Altrusa Club Young Woman of the Year. She lives in Florida.


Ladies in Silver: Coming October 2010 from 1921 PVG Publishing

1921 PVG Publishing was founded in 2009 by author Hala Pickford.  Inspired by the plight of silent film authors and researchers, Miss Pickford decided to give them a voice by founding 1921 P (Pickford), V (Valentino), G (Griffith) Publishing. 


1921 PVG Publishing is dedicated to publishing the highest quality silent film related books and works.  Silent film books have been regulated to a forgotten niche in the past 20 years, we're changing that!  1921 PVG Publishing publishes nothing but silent film books, unless some token talkie subject moves us.

We publish both fiction and non fiction as well as reprints of older titles. Our goal is to expose silent film to a new generation as well as new fans.  In doing so we publish both academic styled books as well as pop culture narratives anyone can read and enjoy!