Ladies in Silver


*Ladies in silver: Women Filmmakers of the Silent Era by Megan Hussey

“Ladies in Silver” profiles the female pioneers of the film industry; those directors, writers, executives, editors, technicians and producers who distinguished themselves in the genre of silent film. In a sad bit of irony, the legends and achievements of many of these women have been ‘silenced’ over time.

Brimming with colorful anecdotes and solid biographical information, this book introduces these remarkable ladies to a whole new audience of filmgoers. "Ladies in Silver" offers capsule biographies (with each biography containing basic information about the life and origins of each lady, and precise information about what new and innovative things she brought to the silver screen), photographs, and filmographies of women who revolutionized the world of film during the silent era.

“Ladies in Silver” stands as both a tribute to and a comprehensive reference work about the unsung heroines of the silent screen; the women behind the camera.


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Ladies in Silver
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