Megan Hussey

Of Power and Passion
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The new scorcher from Megan Hussey and Scandalous Publishing!


Mayoral candidate Bianca Ferris is a strong and beautiful woman wants to crash the good old boy network in her Florida town. When her tryst with a hot male escort is photographed by her opponent, he tries to blackmail her into dropping out of the race. What's a woman to do? She hires Jacquie Dumont, a tough private investigator with an eye for gorgeous men who turns the tables on the crooked mayor and helps elect Bane City's first female mayor!

Of Power and Passion was one of only three erotic romance titles to win Legendary Women's Jacquie Award, which honors excellent in feminist erotic writing.

In Of Passion And Power, feminist erotica author Megan Hussey weaves a tale of lust and political intrigue against the sultry background of a sleepy Florida town. Hot men who are eager to please strong, modern heroines combine to make Of Passion And Power a satisfying read, one that leaves readers anxious to visit Bane City again.

Experience the power and the passion

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