Megan Hussey

Christmas Treat from the Playgirl Posse
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Hot holiday stories 

OK, Ladies; it’s days before Christmas and you’ve
probably shopped, cooked and giftwrapped yourself into a state of
near delirium.  If this is the case, it may be time to sit back and
reflect on the true meaning of family, celebration and holiday
Better yet, why not sit back and enjoy a naughty holiday e-book,
penned by an ambassador of the Playgirl Posse?  Now we’re
Silks’ Vault, which boasts an entire editorial/marketing
staff of Posse ambassadors (Carol, Rene, Marissa and Sarah) just
released the “Holiday Between the Sheets: Tales Under the
Mistletoe” anthology.  This four-story erotic confection
features the stories of ambassador Annmarie Ortega, Possemeister
Megan Hussey, Pennie Morgan, and Marianne LaCroix.
Additional Silks’ Vault holiday releases are
“Confessions of a Sugar Plum Fairy” by Alecia Monaco, "Cowboy Christmas by Frankie Belleville," "Clara and the Nutcracker Prince" by Marianne LaCroix, and "One Christmas Night in Venice" by Brianna Martini.
At Midnight Showcase, where publisher Jewel Adams and acquisition
specialist Mae Powers are both Posse ambassadors, a number of
seasonal anthologies are currently available in print and ebook
formats.  Mae is a featured author in “Spellfire
Seasons,” which also features Jennifer Metz, Emery LaRue,
Tamara James and Ann Regentin.  “Season Spirits”
features the work of Alecia Monaco, Roxanne Rhoads, Bonnie Dee, and
Bridghid Parkinson. 
And “Holiday Voices” showcases
authors Nancy Pirri, Lynne den Hartog, Herbert Grosshans, Christy
Poff and Ann Cory.  “Hearth Fires” features K.B. Ross,
Isabelle Kane and Audrey Tremaine, Marquerite Turnley, Amanda
McIntyre and Jennifer Bokal.
Ambassador Lani Aames’s “Santa’s Lap: White Hot
Holidays” is available through Ellora’s Cave. Venus
Press offers “Mistletoe and Magic,” featuring the
stories of ambassador Pamela Downs, as well as Emy Naso and Nix
Winter.   And the New Year’s Eve title “Upon the
Midnight Hour” features ambassador Melissa Glisan, as well as
Zanne Farrell and Tierney Linn.
Whiskey Creek Press, which showcases a number of Posse authors and
editors, has released “Small Gifts: Jewels of the Quill
Christmas Anthology” by Christine DeSmet, Carrie S. Masek,
Julie Skerven, Jane Toobs, Cassie Walder, and Karen Wiesner.  And
Amber Quill Press, a Playgirl certified site, offers
“Christmas Cave Creek Cowboy” by Brit Blaise.
Changeling Press, which also boasts its fair share of Posse
ambassadors, offers the “12 Nights of Christmas” and
“Hot Toddy” holiday ebook series, plus “Jingle
Balls” by Judy Mays and “C.H.A.S.E. 1: All I Want for
Christmas” by Shelby Morgen.
Liquid Silver Books presents "Jingle My Bell," featuring stories by
ambassador Alyssa Brooks, Rae Monet, Anisa Damen, and MacKenzie
Reed. Also available through Liquid Silver is "Naughty and Nice,"
featuring the work of Robin Donner, Pepper Espinosa and Lisa Mane.
And if you’re in the mood for a sexy but nonexplicit holiday
paperback, Megan Hussey’s “Jingle Bell Romance”
is available through PublishAmerica.

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